In the late 90`s and early 2000`s I was heavily into collecting anime production art. Although I don`t buy/trade new pieces often anymore, I still own the collection, and have organized it here so people can see.

Incidentally, I`ve become an animator myself and have worked at studio`s in America as well as Japan. You can see my work and ANN entry here:

News & Updates

5/6/2015Some small updates in the Gundam section and new links to my own sites.
2/7/2013Small updates in the HunterXHunter and Extra`s sections.
1/5/2010I`m now living in Japan, and have a slightly renewed interest in Animation artwork, so my site has been completely brought up to date.

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Title Last Updated
American Art (14) 1/27/2010
Curse of the Undead: Yoma (19) 4/20/2013
Dragonball (5) 5/14/2004
Dragonball GT (3) 5/14/2004
Dragonball Z (7) 5/14/2004
Genocyber Ova 1 (24) 5/21/2004
Genocyber Ova's 2-3 (9) 5/19/2004
Genocyber Ova's 4-5 (8) 5/19/2004
Gundam series (4) 5/6/2015
Hunter X Hunter (6) 2/7/2013
Majin Buu (30) 5/21/2004
Other Series/Extra stuff (19) 5/18/2014
Outlaw Star (3) 1/5/2010
Street Fighter Alpha (3) 1/5/2010
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (28) 1/5/2010

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